Fees and Schedule

Acupuncture and Functional Medicine sessions at a price that works for you…

My dear patients, family, and friends,

I wish to let you in on a recent personal insight that I’ve had:

In light of the current economic times, and our transition to standardized healthcare – I want to be the first to give you access to affordable natural medicine.

I have completed a system of naturopathic medicine that allows me to test for imbalances internally and correct them with the use of high quality herbal remedies. It’s called Functional Medicine and I am happy to bring this wisdom to the public to help everyone adapt with the current changes our bodies face as life continues to unfold, biologically and environmentally.

The ability to bring you the best of wholistic care is something that brings me great joy. I am passionate to share these wonderful and powerful solutions to today’s health challenges, and with successful results!

The question that came to me recently was, “how can I share my gifts to the world at no cost…on a completely donation basis?”

After deliberating for many days about what this would mean, I realized that there are still student loan debts to be paid and rent is due at the first of each month…so I am willing to compromise to meet your budget for healthcare – so, now it is even easier to chose natural methods to help you thrive!

If, after reading this, you have any questions, would like to take care of that nagging injury or increase those low levels of energy – feel free to contact me today.

I look forward to serving you.

With heart-felt sincerity,

Tyler VanGemert LAc MTOM

Licensed Acupuncturist

Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine



$50/hour – Functional Medicine Sessions

$60/hour – Acupuncture Treatments

Office Information/Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • 8am – 6:30pm
  • Call or Email to schedule an appointment

(970) 247 – 1233


Confidentiality is important for you and me, both.

Private sessions include a complete health assessment,

lab testing and an acupuncture treatment (if needed),

with an herb consultation.


To find out how Functional Oriental Medicine can benefit you and your family,

email or call now to set up your free 1/2 hour consultation.


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